Study and review kanji

Kanji review is a website to study and review kanji, the adopted Chinese characters that are used in the Japanese writing system. Getting proficient in Japanese means studying and remembering all the 2,136 characters in the official Jōyō kanji list. You can find on this site detailed pages with words and examples for each kanji in levels JLPT N1 (1149 characters), JLPT N2 (368 characters), JLPT N3 (369 characters), JLPT N4 (170 characters) and JLPT N5 (80 characters). JLPT is the classification most used by foreigners learning Japanese.

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The key features of this website:

  • Simple: no unnecessary information. No dictionary numbers, radicals or other data that clutters your brain. I believe that what you need to achieve is to recognize the characters in an instant, not a complete data set.
  • Context: every kanji page gives a list of useful words and sentences so you can easily review the context of the character. This is how you will be tested on the JLPT exam, not on the character itself.
  • Integrate with tools you already use: use twitter to follow the JLPT level that you are reviewing
  • 100% free: no paid services, no unnecessary downloads.